About Us

Schofield Britten Consulting Group specialises in helping clients to develop the key performance areas of People, Process & Profile.

In short, we will partner with you to provide the niche expertise and the resources to get you where you want to be; faster, cost-effectively and without disruption to core business.

Working with Schofield Britten will afford you the benefits of working with very experienced people, who will be close enough to understand your business needs and far enough removed from the day to activities to see the improvement opportunities with fresh eyes.

Our services page details our full range of solutions, but by way of introduction, these include products and services that will help you:

  1. Attract, develop and retain the best talent
  2. Achieve greater efficiency with talent, customer, administration and manufacturing processes
  3. Achieve the desired profile for your business or organisation; both internally and externally

We combine traditional business values with highly innovative, market-leading solutions that are tried, tested and proven to be highly effective across a broad range of clients.