OnBoard is designed to support the new recruit through their resignation, notice period and first 100 days of their new employment, to ensure that everything gets off to the best possible start for both the person and the employer.

The power of OnBoard is in both the expertise of the practitioner and his or her neutrality. Whereas the employer and, where applicable, the recruiter are regarded by the candidate as having a vested interest in the candidate saying "yes", the OnBoard practitioner's performance is measured by the success of match for both parties at the point of the probationary review: do both employer and employee agree that they made the right decision?

Particularly in today’s skills-short market, employees are often placed under enormous psychological pressure to remain with their current employer, who fear the difficulty in replacing that individual. 

How an employer benefits from GENIUS OnBoard

  • Achieve a higher rate of acceptance when making offers of employment to people with in-demand skills
  • Ensure new recruits hit the ground running and perform at their best
  • Create a superb first impression of your company

What is the benefit for candidates?

  • Receive impartial, expert support in making the career decision that is right for them (hence their employer)
  • Continued support throughout their notice period and first 100 days of employment
  • Hit the grounding running in their new role

What happens first?

The appointed OnBoard practitioner usually first speaks with the individual prior to their final interview with the potential new employer.  Impartially  - and in complete confidence – the practitioner gains an understanding of that person’s reasons for seeking alternative employment and why the individual believes the new opportunity may be right for them?

Having qualified these reasons and both being satisfied that a move is right for that person, the practitioner then helps them to prepare for the final interview so that they make the best possible representation of themselves.

What happens next?

The OnBoard practitioner will be on hand to provide whatever support that individual wants through their resignation and subsequent notice period, helping them to focus on their first 100 days of employment.  If the employer chooses the option, ONBOARD will develop a detailed plan with HR and the line manager including everything from ensuring IT is in place to the detail of their probationary period review.