GENIUS Performance

GENIUS Performance represents a ground-breaking employee wellbeing and performance support coaching service that gives employees access to the same level of performance support traditionally reserved for top performers in the world of sport.

Using expertise gained over a decade of helping sports people achieve competitive advantage, our practitioners make this accessible for people working at all levels in everyday business environments, to achieve the same levels of focus that helps turn their ambitions into tangible achievements and develops a truly engaged workforce.

GENIUS Performance has 3 main objectives:-

• To help high-performers in business stay on their 'A game‘

• To help high-performers get back on their 'A game' where some kind of event or trauma, role stress or general loss of focus has seen a dip in form

• To help potential high-performers develop the focus and confidence to get on their 'A game' as soon as possible and remain there

As there is a strong link between employee focus / engagement and health & safety, we are anticipating increasing employer interest in this service, as they look for more effective ways of supporting employee wellbeing, particularly in the hazardous areas many of our clients operate.