Opportunity Management

Our Opportunity Management team specialises in assisting our clients to turn business ambitions into tangible achievements, through the planning and management of opportunities for business acquisition, talent acquisition, successful integration, organisational structure and specific product development management.

Our market and sector experience is diverse and includes general manufacturing & engineering, automotive, aerospace, rail, power generation, banking & finance, mining & construction and sports.

In addition to Opportunity Management, our Group includes an international recruitment company that specialises in securing in-demand talent with niche skills.  This means we can seamlessly help to identify and develop your business opportunity, then provide the resources and develop the structure.  Where required we can manage the performance of that business towards specific objectives.

Typical Projects

The benefits of Ford & Stanley Group’s services are highlighted particularly in circumstances where a client needs access to specialist skills in order to develop niche products or open new markets.  Our Opportunity Management team work with the client to identify and investigate market opportunities for growth through acquisition and evaluate such strategic options versus organic growth.  Where organic growth requires in-demand or scarce research and development skills, through our recruitment company and extensive supply chain, we build teams to take any product from design to manufacture in the shortest possible time-frame.

Key People

Peter Schofield – Group Chairman

Peter has 30 years’ experience of helping more than 800 companies to develop their business operations through a combination of opportunity identification, business planning, business / talent acquisition and management.

Duncan McGregor – Managing Director (Consulting)

Duncan has 35 years’ experience of running major international organisations up to £1bn t/o, 10,000 employees in the manufacturing and service sectors.  Duncan specialises in organisational excellence and the development of international markets through business acquisition, direct and dealer sales networks.