SB Prime

SB Prime

What is it?

SB Prime™ is an assessment and business development tool, created by Schofield Britten. It is a structured methodology for identifying and driving actions that result in optimum organisational performance. The proven principals of corporate lifecycles articulated so well by the Adizes Institute provides a weight of evidence that represents an extremely compelling call to action. The success of SB Prime™ is based upon the experience of our consulting team and their proven ability to engage with an organisational management team to implement and deliver performance optimisation programmes.

Who is it for?

As all organisations go through a process of developing and ageing, irrespective of size or sector, SB Prime™ is as relevant for an SME that wishes to speed up or focus its development, as it is for a major corporation that wishes to regain or strengthen market position.

How does it work?

SB Prime™ accurately evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of products or services, processes, talent pool, supply chain, structure, and sales & marketing. From there our consultants work together with the management team to develop a detailed action plan to reach, or get back to, its optimum or ‘prime’ state of performance. We then provide whatever talent resources are necessary to support the management team in driving the action plan through to the desired conclusions.

We also analyse the media profile of a business and how it stands in relation to its competitors. Similarly, we enter dialogue with the potential talent pool to evaluate the strength of the employer brand; in both cases noting any reputational or legacy issues that may need to be managed in the future.

Who gets involved?

Owners / board members, managers, key employees, customers, and partners / suppliers.

What are the outputs?

We ensure full value is derived from the knowledge gained during the investigation process by standing by our work and supporting the management team with the business and cultural integration; the point at which many mergers and acquisitions can falter.

What is the return on investment?

In short, we gain an intimate understanding of a company’s true reputation amongst its most important constituents – customers and employees. In doing so we arm the purchaser / investor with vital information to both shape the deal, and then help provide momentum to ensure the swiftest possible return on the investment.

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